Monday, November 16, 2009

Dates and Sides

Last night was great. Lisa volunteered to baby sit the baby for us, so all we had to do was decide what Katie and I wanted to do with our 2 1/2 hours of freedom. After looking at the movies showing at the dollar theater and activities around Provo, we decided that everything looked either too lame or too expensive. We eventually decided that it would be more fun to get pizza and watch a movie in our own apartment...without being interrupted by a needy child and where we both can eat an entire meal together at the same time.

We dropped off the baby and got some pizza. We also got some cheesy bread and marinara sauce to be a side dish for the pizza. When you think about it, cheesy bread really is a cop out side. I mean, you have some pizza, which is some bread with tomato sauce and cheese on top...and then you have cheesy bread, which is bread with cheese that you dip in tomato sauce. Sounds to me like you're eating pizza...with a side of pizza. What a gyp.

(Don't worry, Anna. You're chicken nugget post will be coming up soon.)

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Patricia said...

Sounds like you two had fun. After talking with Lisa, I think she had a ball (get it Lisa) with Olivia. Real bonding time!
Talking about cop-out foods. It kills me to go to an Italian restaurant and have someone order a $5 kids meal of spaghetti. I mean,I could boil noodles and open a bottle of sauce at home!