Friday, June 19, 2009


YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! No more school until Semptember!

And then there will be school and a baby...

better enjoy the vacation while it lasts

Friday, June 5, 2009

My life has come full circle

Because I work in the Acquisitions Department of the BYU Library, one of my duties is to check the work of the other person who is buying books for the library. We check to make sure that the right record was imported from the Library of Congress, the right edition, the right price, the right vendor, the right shipping option, and so on. It can be very tedious.

Anyway, I was checking a book that the girl I work with ordered, which was written by Christian Welzbacher. One thing we look for is if we have any other books written by the author. I looked up his name and it turned out we did have a book written by him. When I saw the book's title, I couldn't believe it. It was too crazy. This is what it said:

Edwin Redslob : Biographie eines unverbesserlichen Idealisten

(Translation: Edwin Redslob: Biography of an incorrigible idealist.)

I had to look up what "incorrigible" means. (Definition: incapable of being corrupted or amended; not reformable.)


For those of you who don't know the significance of Edwin Redslob, let me explain. When we lived in Berlin there was a new street near our house that had a playground on it that we went to a few times. The name of the street was Edwin Redslob Stra
βe. We thought that was the most ridiculous name in the world and whenever some one imitated him, they had to flare their nostrils. comb their hair with a part right down the middle, purse their lips, and speak with a British accent. Like this:
(This person has red hair because David was the one who could always do him the best.)

This has become a running joke in my family for years and years and I forgot that Edwin Redslob is a real person. This is what the real Edwin Redslob looks like:

Turns out that the real Edwin Redslob was the director of art for the Weimar Republic before Hitler came to power. Who knew?