Monday, October 28, 2013

Conversation with Olivia

I had a really funny conversation with Olivia last night. As I was tucking her in, she asked me, "Daddy, how did baby Felix get in mommy's tummy?"

Great. How am I going to explain this?

"Well, babies come to a mommy and a daddy and the baby comes down from heaven."

She was quiet for a while and then said, "Do babies ever fall down from heaven?"

"No, babies are very safe in heaven. They won't fall down to earth."

She was quiet again for a while, then said, "Are my babies waiting in heaven now for me?"

"Yeah they're waiting for you now, and they'll come when you are older and married."

"I think they'll have to wait for a long long you think they'll be bored up there?"

"I don't think so. I bet there is fun stuff to do."

"I bet baby Felix is pretty bored in mommy's tummy. Probably he will want to play with me a lot when he comes out."


Then she really impressed me with her insight and planning.

"Daddy, when I'm a mommy and have my babies, I think when I go to the temple on a date, I can have my babies watch baby Felix because he will be too little to go to the temple."

"That's a good idea Olivia."

I am always impressed with her ability to connect the dots. Sometimes she seems so much older than just four years old.