Thursday, August 26, 2010


Katie here.  Bryan's feeling... uhh... not well.  So when I asked him if there was anything I could do to make him feel better and he requested that I write for him on his blog, I figured it was the least I could do.

And probably the least is all you should expect from this post.  I don't really have any interesting facts to tell you about.  Especially since I already spilled what I know on how a sewing machine works


(Still not sure what to say...)

Well, I guess I'll just tell you about my ego.

So we were out with Bryan's family again tonight.  They've been in town for a couple of weeks, but tonight was our last bit of family fun time before they head out.  So, naturally, we ate junk food.  Bryan's mom put in a request for a bite of local ice cream, so we took a little walk to do just that.

When we got there we all noticed her right away.  The girl who writes Nie Nie.  She was in line with her family for ice cream.  Just a regular person.  Just like us.  I'll admit we did whisper under our breaths, "Do you read Nie Nie?"  "Yes!  Shh!"  and "That's the girl who..." but we did try not to be pests.  And after our initial whispers we kept quiet and didn't bother them with paparazzi stares.  After all, we're all just people.

As a side note, I, by the way, have always felt this way.  That we're all just people.  I've never understood idolizing celebrities.  I mean, I'm sure I do it to some degree, but I've just never understood having posters of other people on my wall or running up to someone to get their autograph.  I don't know.  I've just always felt strange about treating celebrities like they're more interesting than I am.  But maybe that's just ego.

And that ego definitely came to visit me tonight.  Because after seeing Nie Nie the thought eventually crept in... "I wonder if someone is standing behind me in line here gawking, 'That's her.' and 'Do you read Notes From A Ver...' 'Yes!  Shhh!'"

I don't think this happened.  For one, I am not that popular and I am fully aware of that.  And also, I think of the few people who do read my little blog, probably not very many of them live local to me.  And of the people who do live near me and read my blog, I would honestly be surprised if there were any who I didn't already know personally from outside of the blog world.  Also, I don't think I'm anywhere near as cool or recognizable as Stephanie Nielson

All this aside, I did get a nice ego boost from my in-laws the other day.  We were sitting around chatting and the topic of all our little blogs came up.  They asked approximately how many views I get on my blog per day and when I answered "Oh, usually about one to three hundred," my mother-in-law (shocked) asked, "One hundred to three hundred?"  "Yeah," I replied (nonchalantly).  This was followed by a moment of awe and shock from my in laws.  ...During which I felt quite conceited.

Don't worry.  The I-am-wonderful attitude quickly dissipated.  Namely when I tried to think of a good ending just now.  And all I came up with was what you're reading now.  Meh.

Maybe you should all pray that Bryan gets feeling better so you don't get stuck with me again tomorrow.


Kathy Haynie said...

Hah! Maybe your readership will spike the number of Bryan's readers for today. And fyi, I've never heard of Stephanie Nielsen until today, so I think you are MUCH more famous. Which makes me think of the poem, "Famous," by Naomi Shihab Nye. You should definitely go look that up, because it actually applies here. Hope Bry feels better soon, not because I didn't like your post, but because he's a sweet boy and it's no fun to be sick.

Lisa Lou said...

I really wanted to go tell her how much I admire her and enjoyed her Mormon Message. But I didn't. And now I kind of regret it. I mean, who doesn't enjoy being told that they are an example to someone? I should have done it.