Thursday, August 26, 2010

7 pounds lighter

Warning: this is pretty gross.

I'm pretty sure I got food poisoning last night. It was the first time I threw up in well over two years. I don't recommend using this as a weight loss technique. The worst part was when I woke up at 2:00 and ran to the bathroom to throw up yet again, but didn't quite make it. I should have left the toilet seat up the last time I used it because the moment I entered the bathroom I knelt on the floor and threw up all over the toilet seat. The problem with that is that our seat acted like a ramp and shot the throw up all over the entire bathroom. It soaked everything--the bathroom rugs, the underside of the sink, the plunger, everything. It was so gross. It took about 40 minutes to clean up, but I felt much better afterward. And after a 5 hour long nap this afternoon, I feel perfectly fine now.


Kathy Haynie said...

One time we were staying with Kendra and Chris at Wymount, and they had a plumbing problem, so the Wymount plumber came to fix it on a Saturday afternoon. He was hilarious, with lots of stories about exploding toilets. Maybe he could come fix your toilet sometime and entertain you. So sorry you were sick, and glad to hear you feel better.

Syl said...

Strangely enough, today I thought you looked a little thinner than usual. It must have been noticeable because I am generally pretty unaware of my neighbors' hills and valleys on the scale (except writers of Skinny posts, of course).

Lisa Lou said...

I think it may have actually been a stomach flu bug. A girl I work with was sick and I was kind of sick. Weird. And gross. Thanks for sharing.