Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Handicapped Stalls

Do you ever feel guilty using a handicapped bathroom stall? Sometimes I do. I guess I'm worried that while I'm in there a guy will come into the bathroom in a wheelchair and have to wait for me to come out, and then he'll be really frustrated that he had to wait for a perfectly healthy person to get out of his stall. Would it be wrong to pretend to have a limp or something if I hear someone with a wheelchair come in? Probably. According to this site, it's OK to use the handicapped stall. Here's what he says:

If there are disabled people around, it’s impolite to use the handicapped restroom or stall ahead of them, but if not, you can use whichever one you want. “If you like more room or need a place to hang your newspaper, it’s fine,” Schmokel says.
I don't ever remember seeing hooks for my newspaper in the handicapped stall.


Katie said...

Hahaha. (To the newspaper hooks, not handicapped people.)

Polly said...

No, I never feel guilty using them. It's not like taking up a handicapped parking spot and it's only for a minute or two that you're in there.

Kathy Haynie said...

Especially if you're a girl, it's ok to use any stall that is available. Women's restrooms should have twice as many stalls as men's, especially when it's intermission at a crowded play or something like that. Bummer to stand in line--it would stupid not to use the handicapped stall. You can let go of that particular guilt, Bryan. :)

Patricia said...

This is funny because just this afternoon I went to lunch with a few friends and we were talking about this very thing! One of them used to feel guilty using the handicapped stall and I said I thought it was just fine as long as no one in a wheelchair was waiting. Especially at the airport where the stalls can be very small if you're traveling alone and have to take your carry on luggage with you.