Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Grabbed by HP

I started listening to Harry Potter on CD. It has been all I have listened to at work for the past two complete days. I started with the last book, which is good because if I started with an earlier book I would have had to listen to all the rest in the series until I got to the last book anyways. I hate how much the story grabs you and you just have to keep reading and reading until you finish (or, in my case, listening and listening).

Has anyone else taken an online class and the lectures are recorded on a CD or online? I really like learning that way because you can watch the lessons on fast-forward and get through it faster and even understand it better. I wish I could do that with these CDs. Actually, I wish I could do that with every class I take.

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Anna said...

This is chris. Mom talks about how she hates when a book hooks you
like that too. I really love when that happens. I love finding excuses
to read, like walking with Josie around the block 4 times while I read
with my free hand, or turning on the bathroom light and reading
twisted backwards in bed, or reading a paragraph at a time whenever
Anna leaves the room during dinner or family night. It is so exciting.