Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The crust is healthier

I have wondered about this for a while. It didn't really make sense to me why the crust of the bread is considered healthier than the inside. After all, it's just bread that has been cooked a little more.

Turns out that crust is healthier for you. Researchers have found that an anti-oxidant (pronyl-lysine) is eight times more prevalent in the crust than in the soft, middle part of a loaf of bread. Also, the crust contains more dietary fiber, which helps prevent colon cancer.

And there you go.


Lisa Lou said...

and it gives you curly hair.

Masayuki said...

crusts don't taste as good. A lot of people in Japan cut the crusts off when they make sandwiches.

Anna said...

Oh man. The last few days I have been mocking people who thought the crusts were better for you. Mostly Chris. I hate when I am wrong.

From now on, I am going to hollow out or bread loaves and we will just eat the outsides.

Patricia said...

Oh, I am laughing right now!!
When we were at Chris and Anna's this past weekend, this subject came up. Chris said he only realized not too long ago that the crust wasn't healthier for you, as his mother had always told him. (I don't remember saying healthier, just healthy, and probably that it gives you curly hair, too. Mostly I just didn't want you all to waste the bread. And I happen to love the crust and think that it tastes the Best. Especially the heel of freshly baked bread!)
And now Bryan, you've found research that proves that your mother is always right. (I don't know how to put italics in the comments, but imagine them in all the right places. :) )

My older sister used to save the crusts from her little kids' p-nut butter and jelly sandwiches and when they wanted a treat later, they got "crumb treats"!

Anna said...

this is chris
where are your sources? It makes no sense that the crust would have more fiber, it is just exposed to more heat.
i will not believe it until you show me the study.