Sunday, August 8, 2010

Already invented inventions

Have you ever thought of a GREAT invention, only to realize that it already exists? That has happened to me twice this week.

Invention number one: diameter measuring tape. This measuring tape can tell you the diameter of a large round object by just wrapping it around it. This could be used to measure the diameter of large trees, huge balls, rocks, whatever. You just have to calculate the spacing using the formula for the circumference.

Turns out it already exists. Dang. There goes my million dollar idea.

Invention number two: a zoom-able paper map. I got this idea when Katie and I were at Barnes & Noble and I saw a pop-up book. I thought to myself, "How cool it would be if you could do that with a map? Very cool." You would just fold out a paper and then you can see the portion you want to look at up close.

This already exists, too. See?

Watch the video here to see how the map works. It's pretty much the coolest map I have ever seen.

Someday my creativity will pay off...

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Patricia said...

I had an idea when you guys were little for a latch that would go on a toilet to keep little kids from falling in and drowning. Mom thought it was a silly idea, so I dropped it. About 3 years later I saw just such a latch at a baby store. Man, was I ever bummed.....