Tuesday, May 4, 2010

O-Chem Lab = death

I'm taking the organic chemistry lab right now. It's only worth one credit but I do the most homework for that class out of the three that I'm taking. We have 12 hours of class time a week, and that's not including homework time or studying before each class period. Luckily this class will be over soon.

It's kind of cool what we're doing in class. We made banana oil (it smells just like ripe bananas and it's what is used in banana flavored things, like Laffy Taffy). It kind of reminds me of potions from Harry Potter. We mix these random things in complicated vials and condensers to get one or two drops of the product. It's kind of fun, but mostly it's stressful. Just one big stress-fest.

On a good note, I didn't fail my organic chemistry class last semester! I really had absolutely no idea where I stood in the class. My raw score was around a 60%, but that was curved up to a B. I guess it helps that nobody is really good at organic chemistry.


Polly said...

You're always welcome to call Eric for help. :)

Kathy Haynie said...

Haha - that IS good news! I loved making banana esters. There was another one we did, too, that I can't remember. I took organic chemistry my first year of college, in 1973, and the banana esters are about all I remember. (I must have had a good hs chemistry teacher, too, because I'm pretty sure I had done banana ester in advanced chemistry in hs.)

Polly said...

So how is O-Chem lab going for you now?