Friday, May 14, 2010

Boy or Girl?

In case you were wondering by the title, Katie is not pregnant. No, no -- this post is dedicated to foreign names and their associated gender. It is really difficult sometimes to know if someone is male or female just by their first name. Some examples of this here in the US include Pat, Taylor, Kelly, Jessie, Kris, Cory, and Riley. Finnish names are really hard to figure out. Here's a quiz to tell how well you know your Finnish names!

Highlight in between the brackets to see if it's a boy's or girl's name!
Oivi    (  girl )

Aamu (  girl  )

Aarre (  boy  )

Eetu   (  boy )

Taru   ( girl  )

Pertti  (  boy )

Nuutti ( boy )

Sani   (  girl  )

How did you do?


Bryan said...

I think I was only right on about half of those. Although I'm glad to see that only boys are Nutti.

Katie said...

Oops! That comment above was me. I didn't realize Bryan was still signed in.

Lisa Lou said...

Uh, I got 3 right. Man, those ARE hard!

Kathy Haynie said...

This could be a good baby shower game. (I would not have won the prize.)