Saturday, May 15, 2010

Most Boring Job Ever

I got an email notification from the library with this job offer. Seriously, have you ever heard of a more tedious job?
Physically measure the entire library book collection. This process will have two students working in a tandem team (with a projected four team participation) – one measures the books on each shelf and calls out that measurement; the other types the data into an Excel spreadsheet via a laptop computer. These two students may trade their duties back and forth. The measuring activity has little variation, so students participating will be doing repetitious work several hours at a time.
Remember that there are thousands upon thousands of books in the library. There are five stories to the library. I'm kind of surprised that they think that two students could do it all this summer. 


Kathy Haynie said...

Won't it be 8 students, if there are 4 teams? I guess it's better than having a boring job where you have to sit all day. At least they can move around a little bit. Glad you already have a job.

Polly said...

Yes, the way I read it, I thought there would be 8 students all together as well.

Lisa Lou said...

Uh, maybe I need that job. At least, to find cool books to read. And hopefully my partner would be a cute, not smelly, single man.