Friday, May 7, 2010

Now, which president do you mean?

When I was in the 9th grade, I took a test on World War I.  I studied pretty well for it. I knew all about the assassination of the archduke, the chain reaction of alliances that caused the countries to declare war on each other, Armistice Day, and the League of Nations. I was pretty sure that I was going to get a 1 or at least a 1- on this test.

My only problem was the name of the U.S. President. I kept referring to him as Wilford Woodruff, not Woodrow Wilson. What kind of name is "Woodrow" anyway? His first name was actually "Thomas." He should have just stuck with that -- it would have saved me a lot of trouble later on. On my test my teacher had underlined and put question marks next to every reference to 4th President of the Church. I think he took off a point for every mistake that I made instead of just counting all similar mistakes as one mistake. That brought my grade down to a 2. However, I haven't made that mistake since then.


Patricia said...

Alison has the dvd's of a favorite tv show, "Pushing Daisies". During the winter while walking on the treadmill, I was watching some of the episodes. One of them had a character named Wilford Woodruff. I wonder where the writer got that from?

Patricia said...

We, too were thinking of ideas for your blog. Dad requested "Chicken Stinky" stories, and an explanation of why you always wore slip-on shoes and why and when you changed to "big boy" shoes (as he called them).
We love your blog, by the way, and love seeing what your brain is thinking lately. Hope you have time to share your thoughts with your heavy school schedule!

Kathy Haynie said...

It was the W alliteration, of course.

Lisa Lou said...

Haha! Secretly I still sometimes have this problem...or at least I have to really think about it before I say anything. Mostly, both Pres. Woodruff and Pres. Wilson are both Wilford Woodruff to me.