Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nissionary Nunkey

About 10 years ago I made up a great song. It was an instant hit and was, for a time, banned by my mom. It was about a missionary monkey named Buddy. Buddy went from door to door looking for people to teach, but everyone said that they weren't interested. Finally, in the last verse, Buddy finds someone to teach. I'm not really sure why it switched from "missionary" to "nissionary." Maybe David sang it that way or something.

It was banned by my mom because she said the verses of rejection shouldn't be included. However, popular demand vetoed that ban and all verses were included. Here are the lyrics:

"I'm a nissionary nunkey
My name's Buddy
I'm a nissionary nunkey
My name's Buddy
I'm a nissionary nunkey
My name's Buddy

Hey! Get out of here! We don't wantcha!

REPEAT 3 times

Well, come on in!"

You get the point. It's pretty repetitive.


Lisa Lou said...

I remember the last verse going something like:
Hey, I like your song. Come on in!

I had forgotten that it was banned! Haha!

Patricia said...

It has a catchy tune, but I still cringe whenever someone sings it!

Patricia said...

p.s. Thanks for the nice post on Sunday...

Kathy Haynie said...

Ummm...the rest of the world is waiting for the video so we can hear the tune...

Bryan said...

You're right, Lisa. That's how it goes. Man, I can't believe I forgot how it goes.

Polly said...

You need to take a video of you singing it, so we can hear how catchy the tune is. Because that's not going to catch on with our kids the way it's written. If it's going to be banned at our house they're going to have to hear it from you...and you know all the greatest works of literature are on the banned books lists.