Monday, October 11, 2010

Writing a story can be embarrasing

Katie and I watched "A More Perfect Union" this evening. It's one of our few Sunday appropo movies that we have (along with "Mountain of the Lord" and "Finding Faith in Christ"). While we were watching, Katie was embroidering something so I pulled out a piece of paper ad started doodling. Then I started to write a story that I've had in my head for a while. The problem with writing stories like that is that I have the whole story in my head, not a linear story, and I don't know where to start it. So I just started writing it and it sounded like a teenager drama love story. And it shouldn't. Because it isn't. Is it too much to ask for something to sound perfect the first time I write it?

I was going to throw the whole piece of paper away, but Katie got mad because I drew a piece of broccoli that she liked. So I just ripped out the story portion of the paper and soaked in the sink so that no person alive could read that abomination any more, and Katie kept the now-wrinkled doodles of food, plants, and celestial bodies.

Perhaps, in a few days, I will try again, but taking a different angle. Maybe you all will see the story when I get it sounding right.

Or maybe not. It could just be too embarrassing.


Greg Lewis said...

is it about sparkly vampires?

Bryan Lewis said...


Katie said...

It was a really great story. If only you hadn't crumpled it up and run it under water and thrown it in the garbage it might have made its way into a soap opera.

Kathy Haynie said...

Maybe it would help to try starting from the celestial body doodle instead of the broccoli doodle.

Seriously, story-board it out first.