Thursday, October 7, 2010


On Monday I saw a flier at the entrance to the part of the library where I worked. It said something like:
TUTOR WANTED: Must be proficient with AP Biology, Pre-calculus, English Literature, and US Government. Being fluent in German is a plus. $$$ Call me at (555) 123-4567
I looked at that for a while and then I realized that I was pretty proficient in all those areas. Maybe not so much with US Government, but, hey, I've watched a lot of West Wing, so how hard can it be?

I contacted the guy and he told me that he has a German foreign exchange student who is struggling with all her classes. So tonight was my first night being a tutor. It was pretty easy. I just had to explain the different organelles in a cell and what y=mx+b meant. And it was cool to be able to speak a little German again. And it was cool to be able to make some sweet moolah doing it, too. It wasn't as awkward as I was expecting it to be. So that's a plus.


Patricia said...

Great! I'm sure you are an excellent tutor!

Kathy Haynie said...

Hahaha - all you had to do was "explain the different organelles in a cell" and the formula for a line. In German. Herr Lewis, you rock.

Kathy Haynie said...

PS - In case I wasn't clear - I meant my comment to show my extreme impressed-ness with your range of knowledge. I recognized the formula for a line, but am not sure what I could do with it. And it's been decades since I've thought about organelles. So seriously, I am impressed.

Polly said...

I bet she's happy to have you tutoring her and just knowing she can have you help her will lower her anxiety which will help too.