Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sad pen[cil]

Remember how excited I was about this liquid pencil? I'm not so excited about it anymore. I was looking at the reviews on Amazon the other day and they're terrible. Here are some bitter headlines from the reviews:
  • The worst features of pens and pencils, combined
  • Not a good pencil and permanence is a lie
  • This is NOT a liquid Pencil...
  • Great in theory, poor in reality
  • Worse than the sum of it's failures 
  • believe the negative reviews...here's another...
  • I'm Sure This Sounded Like a Great Idea . . .
  • Good if it worked
  • Worthless 
Sad day for Sharpie. :(           


Masayuki said...

I use the Pilot FriXion erasable pen, and I like it. I almost did get the Sharpie ones, but then I saw all the terrible reviews. Too bad, it could've been great.

Katie said...


You would.

Masayuki said...


And I DO.