Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Human Bed Warmers

I promise that I'm not making this up.

There's a Holiday Inn in Great Britain that's taking customer service to the next level. Management has hired some people to dress in a large jump suit and warm up the guests bed just prior to sleeping. I guess you call down to the front desk 5 minutes or so before you want to go to bed and in a few moments a friendly human electric blanket suit knocks on your door. They come in and climb under your covers and start rolling around with their arms flailing to and fro, all the while trying to avoid eye contact. After they have built up a nice sweat they crawl out and leave you to wonder when the last time was they washed their hair.


See? I'm not making it up.


Lisa Lou said...

so so awkward.
But good to know that that is an option. I might have to do that in my bed in Logan.

Syl said...

That is so gross. SO GROSS. I would never want to have such a service done for me... but I think I wouldn't mind being one of the warmer-upper people. That could be fun.

Polly said...

Weird. I actually like the feel of climbing into a cool bed...kinda like a breath of fresh air. I would not want a prewarmed bed, especially one warmed by a stranger. I wonder how long this service will last...I can't imagine many people wanting it.