Sunday, October 31, 2010

Witchy Voice

My favorite Halloween memory is when my siblings and myself where all pretty little and we were all going to eat dinner before a Halloween party. Alison, my little sister, was dressed up as a witch. I think she must have been four or five at the time. My mom asked Alison to offer the prayer over the food. Alison started to pray by saying "Deeear Heavenly Fatherrrr!" She was saying her prayer in a witch voice. Everyone started laughing and my mom told her that it she should pray in her normal voice. But it was too late. And we've been quoting Alison's witchy prayer voice for the past decade.


Kathy Haynie said... this a tradition that will be repeated for tonight's special menu??

Lisa Lou said...

Yup, still quoted. All.The.Time.
Thank you Alison.

alison said...'re welcome dear family.