Friday, October 29, 2010

A Better Keyboard

As you might know, the Qwerty keyboard we all used it not known for its efficiency. In fact, it was designed to be inefficient, so that typist would quit jamming the old typewriters when they first came back. It has been only tradition that we have kept this awkward keyboard. There are better designs out there.

Introducing the Dvorak Keyboard:

There are many advantages to using the Dvorak keyboard, such as increasing word speed, accuracy, and comfort, while limiting the distance traveled by a typist's fingers (16-20 miles per day for a Qwerty keyboard, 1 mile for a Dvorak keyboard).

Apparently, it's pretty easy to learn. It took one group of people 52 hours to get up to the same speed that took 3 years of typing with a Qwerty keyboard. Then again, perhaps those 3 years with a Qwerty keyboard where when they were 5, 6, and 7 years old.

Anyway, you can learn more about the Dvorak keyboard here.

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Rebecca said...

(This is Becky, Anna's friend. Sometimes when Anna hasn't blogged in a while, I check out the blogs she follows. Ergo, sometimes I read your blog.)

I vote that you devote some time to learning Dvorak. You can switch around your keyboard using KeyTweak (just Google it - I use it to switch my left ctrl and caps lock). I've wanted to, but I don't spend enough non-work time on the computer to justify the switch.