Thursday, October 7, 2010

Most Dangerous Creature

Sharpion (shark and scorpion)
Actually, I just thought of a more dangerous one:

the Sharpiongun! (Shark, scorpion, and guns)

Maybe it should be on fire...
and then it would be called the Pyrosharpiongun!
 That's pretty cool. And the only way it could be any cooler is if it could fly. But not with normal feathery wings. It needs something more...dangerous than that.
Fighter jet wings!
I now present you the most dangerous creature in existence: the F-pyrosharpiongun! (The F- is for fighter jet, like F-16. But this is way cooler than an F-16.)

Now I need to get back to doing homework.


Kathy Haynie said...

Looks like a solid explanation of evolution to me.

Patricia said...

This reminds me of the drawings you guys used to make in church when you were little kids.

Anna said...

Thanks for my nightmares tonight, Bryan!

Lisa Lou said...

wow. you should be that for Halloween. Then I bet Olivia will be scarred for life.