Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Lewis Family Tragedy

This is a story written by Alison many years ago. The story is best when it is read to you by a computer voice. Enjoy! Hope you sleep well tonight! Thank you very, very much, David, for getting me this literary classic.

(All original spelling has been left intact)

once upon a time there was a family named "the lewis family". all the people in the lewis family were very mean to eachother. one day, the dad decided that they should all go on a vacation. they did not know
where to go though. they went around town asking people if they knew where they should go on their vacation. when they asked a lady named jennifer she said that the lewis family should go to an island name lasamaego island. so they went to a travel store and got some bbro-shures about lasamaego island. the bbro-shure had very pretty pictures so they decided that they would go there for their vacation. they took a plane there. when they got there, david was very sick. he was so sick that he died. at the funeral they had the casket open. now when david died he died with his eyes open, so when the casket was open you could see that his eyes were open. the lewis family was not very sad that david died because he was a bayer 63 boy. a few hours later after they got to their hotel, bryan died. they did not know it until they went into his hotel room and found him laying side ways on his bed with a knife in his chest. the window was open so they figured that the murderer jumped out the window. so the rest of the family went out to eat. because there was blood in bryans room, nathan had to sleep in dad and moms room. the next morning, when alison woke up, she went into moms and dads and nathans room to find that nathan had been shot in his nostrils. mom was laughing and dad was watching cartoons. because alison was the only child left, they went out to eat breakfast at dunkin donuts. a few days later, they decided to leave lasamaego island and buy a little cottage on the top of a mountain. alison got anything she wanted because mom and dad were so glad that everyone else was dead. the end. hope you sleep well tonight! ha ha ha ha ha


Lisa Lou said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAHHHHHAAAAA!!! I don't think I've ever read this.

Katie said...

1. Hahahahahhahahahahaha!!!!

2. What about Lisa?

Katie said...

3. And Chris?

Anna said...


Lisa Lou said...

we were already kicked out of the family.