Saturday, October 9, 2010

Serial Theft at BYU

If you have been to BYU, you know that the best thing about the Daily Universe is the Police Beat. Every Wednesday a new column is published, detailing the past week's list of crimes, reckless behavior, and suspicious activity. It really is the best thing about the Daily Universe. It's one of the main things I look forward to on Wednesdays.

It looks like we have a serial thief on our hands now. Not just any thief--a thief that specializes in sanitary napkin dispensers located in women's bathrooms across campus. It looks like her(?) main motive is the money, though. (Thank goodness...) Check out her trail of destruction:

Sept. 8: A sanitary napkin dispenser in a women’s restroom in the FOB was broken into and all of the cash was stolen.
Sept. 9: Another sanitary napkin dispenser was broken into.  All cash was reported missing.
Sept. 10: Another sanitary napkin dispenser was broken into, this time in a Smith Fieldhouse women’s restroom.  All the money from the dispenser was reported missing.
If you notice any girl walking around with a screwdriver, cash, and some sanitary napkins falling out of her pockets, give the BYU police a call.

(Don't you hate the term "sanitary napkin"? It's almost as bad as saying "facial tissue" or "adhesive bandage." Dang trademarks...)

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