Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Vision therapy

I had my vision therapy test today. I had no idea before I started school that optometrists even offer vision therapy services. What is vision therapy, you may ask? It's to help you out when you have a hard time controlling your eyes. For instance, you can have a hard time turning your eyes in or crossing you eyes, which makes reading especially hard. Or you can have a hard time focusing your eyes. About 5% of the population has some form of visual dysfunction, but many people with binocular vision problems think their eyes are like everine elses, so they never think to get therapy.
The best part is that with the help of therapy about 85-90% of people have a lot of improvement. This is especially true with children. Sometimes children with reading problems actually don't have problems with reading; it's more with their eye movements and focusing abilities.

Anyway, so that's what my test was on this morning. Now I've got to go study for my test on children's vision screenings, which is tomorrow.


Kathy Haynie said...

Good for you. Good luck with tomorrow's test!

Sachin Gupta said...

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Narinder Mehta said...

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