Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Katie and I have been busy making a dollhouse for Olivia for Christmas. It's super sweet, and I think Olivia is going to love it. Katie bought the basic shell of the dollhouse at Goodwill for like $4, and we've been upgrading it since then. I got some simple LED lights that have a switch by the door so that the home can be lit up on all three levels. Here's a picture of the house with the light's on:
It's kind of a terrible picture, but just imagine it being super charming, because that's what it looks like.
We also bought some wood scraps from Home Depot and have been making furniture, such as two twin beds, a queen sized bed, a kitchen table, and a fridge. Katie also found some sweet doll house furniture at the thrift store the other day, so that got us some arm chairs, a few vanities, and coffee table, and some other cool stuff.


Kathy Haynie said...

I should have warned you. Katie has been making doll house furniture since she could barely walk. You know those little white plastic things with 3 legs that come in the middle of a pizza box? Ummhmmm. Little white end tables.

Anna said...

You used the word "charming" in this post. I like to think this is my influence.

Katie Lewis said...

Anna, I feel almost certain that it is. I know you're the reason I say charming all the time now.