Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fiver and Hazel

I finished reading "Watership Down" a few months ago, and I highly recommend it. I thought it would be fun to tell Olivia stories about the main characters from the book (rabbits named Fiver and Hazel), to introduce her to the characters so that when she reads the book someday, she would already have some vague memory of them. I tried to incorporate their personalities in the stories too. Here are some stories I've made up including these characters:

  • Fiver and Hazel reach a river and need to cross it, and Fiver had the idea to build motorcycles. They go the library and check out a book on "How to build motorcycles" and Hazel builds the motorcycles for them. Then they do "popawheelies" over the river.

  • Fiver's mommy tells them to gather berries, so they go to the forest to get them. Fiver notices that the red berries are good, but the black berries will make you sick. Fiver tells Hazel not to eat the black ones, but he doesn't listen and eats a black one and gets really sick. Fiver runs home to get his mommy, and she gives him some medicine and gets better. (Olivia got really scared in this one, and requested a happier story after I told it.)

  • They eat blue carrots and turn blue. The only way to turn normal is to climb to the top of a high mountain and do back-flips all the way down. 

  • They go to the beach and build a massive city in the sand and live there for a few days, each bunny taking turns playing different roles, like police officer, teacher, grocer, and bus driver.

The funny thing is that Olivia has requested a "Fiver and Hazel" every single night since I first started telling them back in the beginning of September. And she knows whenever I try to repeat a story.


Katie Lewis said...

This is why she likes you more.

Kathy Haynie said...

I thought I had read Watership Down, but maybe not. I don't remember anything like that...