Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Duette lenses

One thing I love about being an optometry student is that I can try out a bunch of different contact lenses for free. I guess their reasoning is that I'll have first hand experience to know what to recommend to patients. Today I got a free pair of Duette lenses, which are pretty neat. They are a hard contact lens in the middle with a soft contact lens "skirt" around it so you get the benefit of the crisp vision that corrects astigmatism with the hard lens and the comfort of the soft lens skirt. They also last 6 months long per pair, so I just got 6 month's worth of lenses for free. Sweet! I think I like them. They definitely feel different from soft lenses, but it's not bad. The thing is I don't have astigmatism, so my vision is the same whether I wear these or not, but I'm not complaining.

I also think it's pretty cool to know so much about eyes, because I can answer a lot of people's questions about eyes. I had my first physical today since probably my mission, and the doctor who gave me the exam asked me a bunch of questions about her eyes, like if it's OK for her to wear to left-eye contact lenses since she ran out of right-eye contact lenses (the answer: probably not, in case you're wondering). 

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Patricia said...

Those contacts sound really cool. I don't see as clearly as I did in my gas perms, but I love the comfort of soft lenses. Maybe I should try these....