Friday, November 1, 2013

I won candy

Today was my first day of Friday afternoon clinic. I had heard Fridays are pretty rough because its always super busy. My theory is everyone wants to take off work Friday afternoon to get their eyes checked so their weekend starts early.

Anyway, when my second patient arrived I looked at his medical record and wondering why he was even here. His eyes were perfect. He needed no glasses. No eye problems. No health risks. 

I mentioned this to my new attending, and she said, "If you can finish the entire exam in less than 60 minutes, I'll bring candy for you and every else."

Nothing motivates me more than a challenge involving candy. A typical exam that we give at the college takes 90 minutes. They've been pushing us to get faster since day one. We originally had 4 hours for the exam. Then two hours. Now 90 minutes. When were practicing in the real world, we'll have anywhere from 30 minutes to 10 minutes for each exam. 

How fast did I go? 50 minutes. Bam! New record! My attending was impressed. And I'm getting candy next week.

Oh, and the reason he came in for the exam in the first place: he wanted some stylish glasses frames, and wanted to see of any prescription was needed. He needed a little bit, not much. He was pretty happy.


Kathy Haynie said...

Awesome. Probably because Katie has been letting you practice on her so much. I, too, would like some stylish glasses. Alas, I haven't made time to update my look yet. My (slight) prescription change is still sitting around somewhere. Uh, I think I lost it. Maybe I need to make an appointment for next Friday afternoon.

Patricia said...

So happy to read your blog!! I love November! (I know...I'm a taker not a giver in November).

Katie Lewis said...

I liked this story better when you told it to me and said, "His eyes were perfect like yours."