Friday, December 31, 2010

Best of the Year

For this last post of 2010, I have decided to mention the posts that, in my opinion, were the best of each respective month. Here's what I think:

Capital Punishment -- This was my first post that I wrote. I spent a lot of time writing and re-writing this one. And it was also the first time that a random person left a comment on my blog. I felt pretty famous.

Abstract Art - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 -- This was a very fun series for me to write. Every time I see a Jackson Pollock, I think about what I wrote here. To write these posts, I first pulled out my old Art History book to find things to write about when I realized that there was enough material there to make it into three posts. It was pretty nice.

Malaria -- This post was pretty interesting. I wrote it after a guest speaker came to my microbiology class. I wrote a followup post here about what one could do about the problem.

Seeing in 3D --  If you click on the link on the blog those pictures will be placed side by side and you can see the 3D image if you look hard. It's cool.

The Uncanny Precision of the Collective Uninformed -- I heard about this concept from an episode of Radio Lab. Basically, it says that if you get a group of uninformed people to guess something in a subject they don't know about, they will be more precise than a professional. Pretty neat, huh?

Prosopagnosia -- This is an illness that I've been thinking about a lot. If you suffer from prosopagnosia, or face-blindness, you can't recognize any faces. You can take a free test from a link on that post. I think one of the most amazing things is that 3% of the population suffers from this.

Meeting the Cadavers -- This was an interesting time for me. It was the first time that I came across a dead body.

Ant Head Stitches -- This is an awesome concept that I learned from a great book that I read. Basically, you use huge monster ants to bite a cut closed then twist off the body so the head keeps the wound closed.

Gambling Simulator -- This is a pretty cool simulator. It shows how likely you are to win the lottery. And in case you didn't know, it's not very likely.

F-pyrosharpiongun  -- This was pretty fun. I kept thinking about what the most dangerous creature would be. It started out as a mix between a shark and a scorpion and then just went on from there.

Shearing the Sheep -- I liked the picture that I drew for this post. That's about it. I guess November was a king of slow month...

Stone Coin at the Bottom of the Sea -- I really liked this podcast. I think about it when ever I cash or write a check.

Well, there you have it! It's been a long year, and there are only 5 days left for my year long goal.

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Katie said...

Haha. Man, these really are things that you talk about all the time.