Monday, December 20, 2010

Knife Hunting

Knife hunters consider knife hunting the "fairest way to hunt." Knife hunters are pretty intense. They usually hunt wild boar. They go out in the forest with their hunting dogs, and the dogs chase the boars to make them run pretty fast. Then the hunters run after the boar to chase them down and tackle the boar. Once tackled, the hunter proceeds to stab to boar until it is dead. And then he eats it raw.

Just kidding about the hunter eating it raw. I'm sure he cooks it by breathing fire on it first.


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Masayuki said...

I just spent the last 45 mins looking through the 100 hour board trying to find out how to get in. Alas, no luck yet.

Just thought you should know.

Also, wild boars are incredibly dangerous. They're all over Japan