Thursday, December 9, 2010

Most boring day

Researchers have discovered the most boring day in the 20th century.

That day is April 11, 1954.

Nothing happened on that day. They searched 300 million facts for major news events, births, deaths, and other important things and have discovered that NOTHING happened on that day.

Well, at least nothing important. The highlight of the day was the general election of Belgium.

And I apologize to anyone who was born on that day.


David Mayer said...

In other words, if you ever build a time machine, and need to pick a day to travel back to where you have the least chance of interfering with any important world events... pick this day.

Good to know, Bryan. Thanks!

Katie said...

Haha. I wouldn't have thought of that David. Now I'll have to try and commit this date to memory in case I ever have a time machine emergency.

...although I think if someone showed up in a time machine on that day it would count as something pretty big, right?

David Mayer said...

But a time machine visit would only make it to the history books if you changed something (which would most likely cause a paradox, which is a bad idea.)

Although Katie's comment made me realize something. If something happened that day that was a secret, we wouldn't know about it. So April 11, 1954 could be some really important day in super secret spy history, or ninja history (whichever one you consider cooler.)