Thursday, December 9, 2010

Most Unwanted Song in the World

There seems to be a general consensus among the population about what defines a terrible song. Scientists did some research and they made a list of things in music that we hate. Here are things that top the list:
  • Holiday music
  • Bagpipes
  • Organs
  • A children’s chorus
  • Cowboys
  • Oompah tubas
  • Opera
  • Rap
So these sick, sick people decided to make a song combining all of these pieces together. I got to 2:30 before I had to turn it off. I DARE you to listen to the whole thing. 


ali said...

when you made me listen to this i wanted to be deaf.

Greg Lewis said...

Good thing I could "listen" to this "song?" while I was walking around doing other things. Wow....Where do you find these things? This is Mom....

David x- said...

Hahahaha! Oh man that was really annoying. I actually listened to the whole thing. I like the kids singing "Yom kippur, yom kippur, do all your shopping.... AT WALMART!"

Syl said...

I didn't listen to the song... I fear it. But I do happen to love bagpipes, opera music, and rap. So maybe it wouldn't be so bad?

Masayuki said...

You're right. It's fine about until 2:30 when things start getting weird. Really weird. Oh gosh, now there are little kids singing. I think that Kids Bop might be the worst music ever.

Kathy Haynie said...

How can people not enjoy tuba music??