Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Seeing in 3D

This is totally awesome. I tried this out yesterday and it worked.

I thought of this during sacrament meeting at church. I took two pictures of an object, one slightly to the left of another one. Then I put those two pictures side by side on the computer screen and looked at them through two toilet paper tubes. My mind melded the two images together and made it look 3D!

Here's a picture of what I did:

I took one picture...
then I moved the camera a little bit and took another picture...

I put these images side by side and stared at them through the two toilet paper tubes. The image suddenly turned 3D! You can do it without the tubes, but it's just a little harder. Click here to see them side by side and to try it out yourself.

Isn't it cool?

You can see some more pictures like this at this website.

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