Friday, April 2, 2010

Enderova Hra

I have been working on one huge order at work these past to days. We're ordering every book ever written by Orson Scott Card in every language possible. It is insane. But interesting, if you are an Orson Scott Card fanatic.

I spent the day trying to navigate websites using Google Translate on everything. The most annoying thing is that Google Translate doesn't translate the labels on the buttons (like "Order" or "Cancel") so I would have to spell those words out. myself. Not so easy when you're dealing with Japanese characters.

These are all the languages that I dealt with today:
  1. Turkish
  2. Romanian
  3. Russian
  4. Hungarian
  5. Estonian
  6. Czech
  7. Latvian
  8. Polish
  9. Dutch (This one was the easiest for me. It's the closest thing to German...)
  10. Portuguese
  11. Spanish
  12. Hebrew (This was the hardest. Google Translate doesn't like Hebrew so much. It told me that I was ordering a pamphlet on leukemia when in fact it was Children of the Mind. Go figure.)
  13. French
  14. Japanese
And there are still more orders to do...

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Kathy Haynie said...

Haha! I looked up "Ederova Hra" on Google to figure out that it means "Ender's Game" in Danish. What a pain to have to go through all those translating troubles!

Did you know that David and Holly plan to name their new baby boy "Ender"?