Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sometimes I wish I had hookworm

I have heard about this phenomenon from four different sources in the past two weeks. That means it's a sign, right?

Apparently, hookworm can help you not have a hyperactive immune system. Cases of food allergies, asthma, MS, and other problems caused by out immune systems can be kept in check by helminths such as tapeworms and hookworm. I first heard about this HERE on This American Life, then I listened to it HERE on Radio Lab, then I learned about it in my microbiology class and I felt really cool because I was able to comment and explain how it worked to everyone. Finally, I just came across it HERE on this website.

My allergies are picking up again. My eyes have been watery, my sinuses clogged, and I have been sneezing every few minutes. Perhaps a small case of hookworm is just what I need.

Actually, I think I would be too grossed out to do it.