Thursday, April 15, 2010

Western Family vs. Quaker

It turns out that we have two of the same product in our home made from different companies. We have two boxes of peanut butter chocolate chip granola bars -- one box from Western Family and the other from Quaker.

I decided to do a taste test.

But first I took a picture of the two unwrapped granola bars. Can you guess which one is which?

I liked the one on the left a lot more than the one on the right (yes, I ate both of them). Guess which one it is.


Greg said...

The one on the left is Quaker, the one on the right is Western Family. (If the prize is a Western Family Granola Bar, please just dispose of it at your earliest convenience).

Lisa Lou said...

I guess that the one with more chips is the name brand, and the one without the chips are more yellow looking is the store brand.

Bryan said...

Actually, the one on the left is Western Family. Surprising, isn't it? It has more chocolate chips, it was chewier, and it just tasted better.

Katie said...

I definitely guessed wrong when Bryan showed these to me the other day. For shame, Quaker. For shame.