Sunday, April 4, 2010

"Patience, Iago."

As I heard from President Uchtdorf tonight, having patience leads to many other desirable qualities. A researcher at a university devised an experiment to measure the patience of four-year-olds: place a marshmallow in front of them and tell them they can either eat that one marshmallow now or if they wait for fifteen minutes, they can have two marshmallows. The researcher then left the room and observed the kids through a two-way mirror (side note: I have always wondered why it's called a "two-way mirror" when you can only see through it one way...). some kids ate the marshmallow right away, others waited a few minutes before caving to temptation. Only 30% of the kids waited the full fifteen minutes and got to enjoy two marshmallows. This researcher followed the lives of these kids. The kids who displayed more patience as a four-year-old were more likely to be in healthier relationships, in a stable job, and earning more money.

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