Monday, February 1, 2010

Soulless Reflections

Have you ever wondered where the idea came from that vampires don't have reflections?  It kind of seems like a pretty random attribute for a monster to have.  And I'm not talking about the sparkly vampires from Twilight, although they might not have a reflection, either.  You'll have to ask Alison about that one.

In ancient times, people thought of their reflection as the physical manifestation of their soul.  Some people even thought it was unlucky to look at your reflection because it makes it easier for an evil spirit to steal it.  It makes sense now why a soulless creature wouldn't have a reflection then.  Also, this is where the superstition came from that makes it unlucky to break a mirror.


Katie said...

Hm. That's really interesting. About vampires and mirrors. What made you think of that?

Also, I thought this post was going to be mean thoughts or something. Haha.

JuliaKoponick said...

When the twins were little they couldn't tell the difference between a mirror reflection and their sister. They would get very confused when they were both in front of a mirror and there were suddenly four of them.

This is a pretty random thought about mirrors, but it seems about as random as the original post. lol

ali said...

i am the expert on sparkly vampires! :)