Monday, February 15, 2010

Hot Water

Our water heater gave out yesterday.  Luckily, I took a shower first yesterday morning and got to enjoy a nice, warm shower.  Katie, on the other hand, had to cut her shower a little short. It's kind of funny to realize how different life can be without hot water.  It really is a commodity that I took for granted.

I tried to wash the dishes with cold water, but that just didn't work.  This morning I heated up some water in a frying pan (the last one that was clean) to thaw out some frozen milk for the baby.  I felt so old-timey.  Then I washed some dishes in the frying pan. I was tempted to heat up another pot of water to use in a sponge bath, but the thought of it made me feel really cold and I called maintenance instead.  They'll be here in a little bit to fix the heater. Unfortunately, out counter top is full of dirty dishes. Why is it that our apartment is at its dirtiest peak in the "cycle of cleanliness" when people come over?

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Kathy Haynie said...

Well, if you want to feel more 21st Century, you could heat some water in the microwave. :)