Friday, February 19, 2010

Bryan is out of the office (or maybe just out of his mind)

Bryan is too brain dead from doing really hard organic chemistry homework to write a really great post for you right now.  And I am too tired to keep waiting up while he tries to think of something to write.  So you are all just going to have to wait until tomorrow for something amazing to read here.  My apologies.


In the mean time, please enjoy this mad yours truly (Katie).  Please fill in the blanks in your head and then leave your additions for us in the comments.

Last Thursday I was __(verb)___________ down the street when I came across a ___(adjective)__________ alligator.  I was _______(adjective)______ when he opened up his mouth and began to _____(verb)__________.  "Ahhh!" I screamed!  "Why on earth would you _______(verb)______?"  My outburst startled the alligator so much that it ________(verb)________.  I was really _____(adjective)____ to see that the alligator started to ________(verb)_____ with its _______(noun)________ instead.  After a moment, I decided to join the alligator.  After all, if you can't ______(verb)_______ 'em you might as well _______(verb)_______! 

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