Thursday, June 17, 2010

Serving Suggestion

Going along with yesterday's theme of reading packaging, I found this little gem the other day.

Seems pretty normal, right? These taste pretty good, except that they dry your mouth out pretty quickly. When I was looking at the cover I noticed something funny in the bottom right corner.

A scoop of peanuts? OK, I guess that kind of makes sense, but you can totally tell that it's photoshopped. Were they trying to copy Raisin Bran? Also, I like how tiny the scoop is in comparison with the granola bar. Imagine how huge those granola bars would be if this picture was actually proportional.

Then I noticed the itty-bitty writing next to that scoopful of peanuts.

Serving suggestion? They really suggest eating a handful of peanuts to go along with the peanut butter granola bar? I guess there really isn't anything better than the raw ingredients to go along with the granola bar.

If this is true I guess the Oats 'N' Honey granola bar would go great with a handful of raw oats with honey on top ... yummy. Although I can think of one situation in which the side dish is mainly the same thing as the main dish: pizza and cheesy bread with marinara sauce. Isn't bread sticks with marinara sauce the same thing as pizza, just without the toppings?


Kathy Haynie said...

When I was a girl I used to enjoy eating uncooked oatmeal on top of vanilla ice cream. I guess it was a poor girl's sort-of crunchy topping. (Sorry, I suppose this comment seems random, but it came to mind when I read your thought about having raw oats on the side with an Oats N Honey granola bar.)

Polly said...

We always eat peanuts with our peanut butter granola bars. Don't you?

Holly Mayer said...

This is funny.