Friday, March 26, 2010

Waiting Room Books

I'm writing an analytical report for my English class on different types of practices that an optometrist can go into (such as a solo private practice, shared private practice, commercial, working with ophthalmologist, etc.). I checked out a few books from the library on the subject and scanned through them the other day. One of the sections in one of the books caught my eye. It discussed how your waiting room should look and feel. Apparently, patients should feel comfortable waiting for you in your waiting room for at least 30 minutes. They recommended having good reading material to occupy the patients, and then went on to describe what the good reading material should include. I'm not making any of this up. Here's the list:
  1. Yearbooks, especially if you live in a small community
  2. Cookbooks (with 3x5 note cards and pens for patients to copy recipes that "tickle their fancy")
  3. Rare magazines that the public doesn't have easy access to (like some scientific journals)
  4. Scrapbooks and comics on eye care and surgeries (like LASIK and new types of contacts)
  5. Large-type books (you are dealing with people who can't see too well, after all)
  6. Daily newspaper, also in large print, if available
I can understand the newspaper and some health magazines, but cookbooks?

All I know is that I'm going to stock my office with awesome books--I just haven't decided yet what those books with be yet.


Lisa Lou said...

Woah! I would never think to have cookbooks in a waiting room. But that would be awesome! Or cooking magazines. At least some variety to "Teen Magazine" or "I'm Hot Magazine" hehe. but seriously, i feel like whenever I'm in a waiting room (not doctors, but auto,etc) it's all tabloid-y or sports magazines. Boring.

Kathy Haynie said...

I've never seen a cookbook in a waiting room before, either, but I do like the idea. This list sounds like it was not written by a sports buff. I'm not a sports buff, but I do think you should have one or two "guy magazines" and some "Good Housekeeping"-type magazines.

My dentist is LDS, and he includes The Ensign and The Friend with his waiting room magazines.

Chris said...

i loled when you said that a section of the optometry book caught your eye. hahaha.