Thursday, March 25, 2010

Random things

I have a great plan to earn the big bucks.

While working at the library I get to purchase books. I've learned that if the author is LDS we usually buy a second copy to go in special collections. When it's a kid's book and the author is from Utah and LDS, we buy three books: one for JUV, one for JUV-Utah, and one for JUV-Special Collections. Now, in order for a library to buy your book, you have to have an ISBN. A real, no-kidding ISBN and barcode costs $100. If I publish a great little book and pay $100 to get an ISBN, the library would buy three copies of it (I am, after all, a Utah citizen). My great plan is to sell my book for $100! Then I would get $200 for each little book I write. I could pump these books out weekly--maybe even twice or three times a week! That would be so great. I could probably live off of that...

Just kidding. That would probably be dishonest and I would get sick of it pretty quickly. It kind of reminds me of that story from Sideways Stories from Wayside School where the girl tries to draw as many pictures as she can during art class and she ends up drawing a picture every three seconds or something. But then she learns that her pictures were pretty much worthless. Probably BYU would wise up after the second or third book and stop buying them. Hmmm...maybe by idea wasn't the best one ever.

In other news, I found the most awesome website ever. It's You can see that I've added a link to it on my sidebar of most favorite websites. The comic is made by five-year-old. That's all that needs to be said about it.

Also, I think this book looks funny. Check it out. It reminds me of the things we would tell each other to draw when we were younger.


Kathy Haynie said...

Funny book! And amazing comic - are you sure he's only 5? Amazing.

Bryan said...

The five year old comes up with the story line. His 29 year old brother draws the pictures. Great stuff.