Thursday, March 18, 2010

Book Link and the Drinking Fountain of Wonder

For those of you who are interested, I've included a link HERE to the full electronic copy of Nathaniel Gets Scurvy. Once it's loaded, be sure to click on the little button with four rectangles in it so that you can view multiple pages at once. It makes the reading experience more authentic.

I thought I would continue in the spirit of photographs and talk about my favorite drinking fountain. When I was working for BYU Vending, my partner and I would rate the drinking fountains on campus. We had this whole rating system worked out: height, chill factor, diameter of stream, flow velocity, and location. After evaluating hundreds of drinking fountains (well, maybe not hundreds...perhaps tens), we narrowed it down to the top two: the drinking fountain located on the east side of the law building and the drinking fountain near the elevators on the 4th floor of the Harold B. Lee Library. Seriously, these fountains are amazing.

The drinking fountain on the 4th floor of the library wins in my book because I walk past it every day. And I drink from it every day. It's an amazing experience. The button is raised and it's easy to press down, so you don't have to jam your thumb into the machine while you drink. The temperature is always nice and cool, but not too cold. If it's too cold my teeth start to hurt. The thing I like most about it is how thick the flow of water it. One slurp and you have an entire mouthful! So efficient! So satisfying! The strange thing about this fountain is that the drinking fountains on the other floors are a different type: the not-cool type.

I've included a few pictures of the Drinking Fountain of Wonder for your worship.

Doesn't that look satisfying?


Kathy Haynie said...

Mmmm...I'm thirsty already! And thank you for the book link. I am very excited to read it, but I have to quit goofing off now and get back to work. I'll be reading it at lunch time!

Patricia said...

Oh, my! What a cute book! I chuckled the whole way through! So true to life, too. haha
Great illustrations!

Kathy Haynie said...

I just read the book, and it's wonderful. Great plot, and good information. Skillful drawings, too. If optometry doesn't work out for you, you should definitely consider being a children's book author.