Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Nathaniel Gets Scurvy"

I just had my book published! I think I spent maybe 20 to 30 hours working on it. I'm glad it's done, though. Here are some pictures of the book that I took. What do you think?

Here's just a random page. See the drawings? Those are what took the longest.

My brother, Nathan, was the inspiration for this story. I'll be sending him a copy.


Kathy Haynie said...

It looks AMAZING, Bryan! Good job. I hope you'll tuck a copy into the suitcase for us to read when you come visit. I loved your first book.

Anna said...


Katie said...

To everybody else:

These pictures do not do it justice. Bryan's book turned out really great. You should all feel uncool not owning a copy right this instant.

ali said...

dang those pictures look awesome!

Patricia said...

That is really neat! I've always loved your drawings and now they are in an official book. Way to go!