Thursday, November 8, 2012

I love drawing

Drawing is one of those things that I never really thought I was good at but I wanted to become good at. I remember being super embarrassed in first grade by a drawing I did because I thought it looked so dumb. And then I remember when I was a teenager that Chris and I used to laugh at our attempts to make serious drawings, which usually ended up looking something like this.

I remember in 9th or 10th grade I had a really good art teacher who taught me a lot of things and I remember wanting to be good at drawing like him. He told me that I had real talent and could go far if I really studied and practiced. So I practiced a lot in my room after school. I would practice drawing eyes over and over again. I also liked to draw lots of maps. I would create islands and study maps and try to create a geography of the island that would make sense, given the ecosystem I imagined for that island.

I really wanted to get a minor in art at BYU, but they discontinued the minor the year I arrived. I was pretty disappointed. But I took a beginning art class from the coolest professor at BYU. His name was Andy. Katie knows who he is because she also took an art class from him. He also taught me some really cool things. David, if you get a chance, you should take a class from him. His really weird. He liked to wear a shirt that says "I fart in your general direction."

Sometimes I like to watch videos of people drawing. I used to watch Bob Ross on TV and thought he was amazing. Then I saw the following video on Youtube and it made me want to stop memorizing facts for the night and draw. But I have a test tomorrow and I need to get back to studying.



Kathy Haynie said...

Studying pharmacology to the beat of Robert Frost. I hope it helps! Good luck...soon you can have some drawing time.

Patricia said...

"And miles to go before I sleep." Is that what you feel like tonight?
The power of an inspiring teacher. I'm really glad you had that high school teacher as inspiration.

Lisa Lou said...

miles and miles and miles. That what school feels like. And having a baby.