Monday, November 5, 2012

My eye abnormalities - part 2

Here's another thing about my eyes that are weird: I see different colors out of each eye. It's actually very subtle and I noticed it when I was about 12 or 13. My right eye adds a red-ish tint to everything, while everything out of my left eye looks more blue-ish. I only really notice it in bright light. It's especially prominent while looking at a white wall or something.

Last year we were learning about color vision defects and I asked my teacher after class about it. He said that he had never heard of that happening before. I took some intense color vision tests, one eye at a time, to see if there was a measurable difference between the two, and there was.

After seeing these results, my professor thought it could be the following:
1) Multiple sclerosis (not so likely because there haven't been episodes of it coming and going)
2) A brain lesion (also not likely because there haven't been any changes)
3) A difference in pigment in the back of my eye (most likely, but also most boring)

So my professor recommended having a complete, intense eye exam with the director of the clinic here at the college to rule anything major out.

In unrelated news, do you call it soda or pop?


David Lewis said...

No joke, I have the same color difference thing. I would only notice it right after I woke up.

alison said...

definitely soda. I HAVE THAT TOO!!!!! i remember looking around the living room switching eyes and the lights were just a tad different.

Patricia said...

Alright, what's happening with my kids' eyes? Don't all of you develop some disease or something and make me cry!!
Soda... although I think growing up we said pop.

Nathan said...


Kathy Haynie said...

I can see (haha-play on words) that the genetic researchers are going to have a grand time with the Lewis kids' eyes.

Soda. Even though the map says pop.
But I don't think my vote counts because I mostly call it "water." (Hahaha - as in, I don't drink pop. Er, soda.)

Anna said...

I grew up saying pop (my parents are from Oregon and California and I grew up in Honduras), but I consciously changed to soda o be cool in Virginia.

Also-- I noticed the same thing!

Anna said...

No. That's a lie. I just wanted to fit in.

Lisa Lou said...

Uh, I thought that was normal. I can definately tell that my (right?) eye has a more blueish tint...

Anna said...

This is Chris, not Anna

Anna mentioned this to me today and I said "Yeah, left eyes have more blue and right eyes have more red." I didn't know that it wasn't a natural thing. I noticed it when I was a kid and I would always shift colors sitting in church or school. I had no idea until now that it wasn't normal, so I never mentioned anything.
Now I feel so unique and mysterious.

Also, because I just got back from the field today and didn't read your last posts, I will comment on them here:
I checked the mirror and both of my pupils are a little bit further together than centered. That is also cool. Does it change perception at all? I wonder if they compensated for that when I got my LASIK done.
What are your views on LASIK?

Let me know if anything comes up about our color difference thing. Maybe we can be like a family of mutated Boxcar Children with mystery-solving superpowers.

I get to be the mean and grumpy older-brother with a heart of gold. I am just misunderstood because I am too young to have the responsibility of raising my siblings.
Sorry Mom and Dad, for this scenario you both have to be dead.