Monday, September 20, 2010

Wild Fire

I drove back and forth from the airport a couple of times today. I arrived home from Memphis at about 2 PM and then Katie & Olivia's flight got in about 9 PM. On my way home the second time, Katie told me that the pilot on her flight told them about a fire. As we reached Point of the Mountain we could see it off in the distance. It looked really cool, but also scary.  I was telling her about techniques used to control fires, like cutting down trees in front of it to prevent it from spreading or burning certain parts of the forest to the fire can't continue to grow. Katie was telling me about that part in Little House on the Prairie where they all had to run in the field to put out their fire. We got closer and closer until we hit Draper. At that point we could see flames and smoke and the path the fire had taken.

Here's what was just barely posted on KSL:

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Lisa Lou said...

I saw that fire driving back from St. George. There's also one down in Iron County, but that one's on purpose.