Monday, September 20, 2010

Glasses for lazy people

I love Sky Mall magazine. I think it's my favorite thing about flying. I actually took a copy of the magazine on my flight home from Memphis yesterday. The lady sitting next to me looked at me kind of funny, but I didn't care. This priceless magazine has now provided me with a plethora of wonderful writing material.

Here's an ad that I enjoyed a lot:
Can you guess what it's for? Yes, they're prism glasses so you can lay down and read at the same time! The glasses "turn the page to a 90 degree angle right before your eyes, eliminating the need for head movement." 

Thank goodness -- I sure hate head movement. I wish Sky Mall would invent a robotic neck brace to turn my head for me. Click here to read more about the Deluxe Prism Glasses.

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