Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Library Student Advisory Council

Last week I got an email saying that the library here at BYU is looking for new members to be part of the LSAC, so I wrote up a little paragraph with ideas that I had for potential changes that could be made. The LSAC's role is to come up with great ideas that could change the library and make it a better place. Things that have come from this council are the Music Study Area on the second floor, the Snack Zone, and other cool things. I was invited to be on this council, so we'll meet weekly to brainstorm and present our ideas to the Library Administration. Pretty cool! Here are some of the ideas that I came up with:
  • An entrance/exit on the south side of the library
  • The possibility to physically browse the audio books and movies in the LRC
  • Playing the Tuesday Devotional over the loudspeaker in the Music Study Area or another designated area so that students can study and listen at the same time
  • Having vending machines in the Snack Zone

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